Logo of the company that runs the accessibility campaign

Pedesting is a new navigation app that helps pedestrians find the easiest, safest and most accessible routes in Calgary’s downtown. While Google Maps is for cars, Pedesting is for pedestrians. Pedesting is a tool that helps Calgarians get where they want to go when travelling via pedestrian spaces (such as pathways, crosswalks, and sidewalks). 

Pedesting is a word we use to define everyone who uses a pedestrian space. As someone who uses a power wheelchair, our CEO Nabeel Ramji has never felt like a pedestrian. In fact, even the dictionary definition of pedestrian only refers to those who walk. We created a word that includes everyone.

How you can get involved?

Tell us your pedestrian story using #HowDoYouPedest

Prefer to tell us directly? Visit our quick survey here on Google Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the #HowDoYouPedest campaign?

The #Howdoyoupedest campaign is an initiative by Pedesting aimed at promoting inclusivity and accessibility in our communities. It encourages individuals, regardless of their mobility, to share their pedestrian stories and challenges on social media using the hashtag #HowDoYouPedest. The campaign raises awareness about accessibility issues and aims to inspire…

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